• Moment makes it easy to add various types of widgets to your home screen like you've never experienced before.

    Moment supports many types of widgets:

    • Year Progress
    On your home screen or in the app, you can easily see how many days have passed this year and what percentage of the year has passed. Looking back, isn't time passing quickly?

    • Month Progress
    You can also add the current month's progress to the home screen to see how much of the month has passed and think about what meaningful things you have done in the past days.

    • Anniversary
    Add those days that are special to you to the Anniversary type of Moment, and you can see how long those special days have been happening on your home screen.

    • Birthday
    Add your friends, and the birthdays you want to remember to the Birthday type Moment, and you won't miss any of them!

    • Countdown
    For those events that are scheduled to happen in the future, you can add them to the Countdown type of Moment, so you can be ready for everything before they happen.

    • Lifetime
    Time flies very fast, so why not see how much time has passed since you were born? You'll be amazed!